Champion 46596 Review: Affordable RV-Ready Generator

Hello there, as someone who has had the pleasure of using the Champion 46596 generator, I’m excited to share my thoughts with you. This portable generator has quickly become a go-to option for anyone in need of reliable power in a pinch.

Whether you’re dealing with a power outage, working on a remote job site, or planning a camping trip, the Champion 46596 is a versatile and efficient generator that’s designed to meet all your power needs.

With its powerful engine, multiple outlets, and user-friendly features, this generator is a popular choice among homeowners, contractors, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes the Champion 46596 generator such a reliable and convenient option.

Champion Power Equipment is known for its reliable portable generators. Today, we will have the Champion 46596 review to help you narrow down your list.

The Champion 46596 is built for those who demand power on the go. Ideal for camping trips, job sites, and emergency backup power, this Champion Power Equipment generator delivers a consistent 4500 watts of starting power and 3500 watts of running power.

It features an efficient 196 cc Champion OHV 4-stroke engine. The 4-gallon fuel tank offers up to 12 hours of running at 50% load.

With its durable steel frame and 6” never-flat wheels, you can take this generator wherever you need. Plus, the user-friendly design features an automatic low oil shutoff for added protection.

With this Champion Power Equipment generator, a perfect portable power solution, you can stay powered anywhere you go.

Champion 46596 Review
Champion 46596 Portable Generator
9.4Expert Score
Champion 46596 Portable Generator Review

The Champion 46596 portable generator is a great choice for anyone looking for reliable power in an easy-to-transport package. In terms of features, this generator has a variety of options and settings that allow users to get the most out of their purchase. It’s also easy to operate and maintain, making it a great long-term investment. Finally, the affordability of this product makes it accessible to a wide range of budgets.

Noise Level
Fuel Economy
Overall Value
  • Open Frame Design
  • Lightweight (99.2 lbs)
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Intelligauge Meter
  • Auto Low Oil Shutdown
  • Overload Protection
  • Volt Guard Surge Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • RV Ready
  • EPA-Certified
  • No Electric Start
  • Not CARB-compliant
  • On the noisy side (68 dBA)

Champion 46596 Review: Why choose this RV-ready generator?

There are so many things to like about the Champion 46596 3500-watt portable generator. But what makes it appealing is the affordable price and light, compact design.

At just 99.2 lbs, it can easily be moved around to different locations. Its open frame design is also perfect for outdoor use, as it provides plenty of ventilation and keeps the motor cool even under heavy loads.

With its convenient portability, you can take it anywhere you need electricity–from tailgating events to camping trips or simply running tools in your workshop where no traditional power source is available.

And with its affordable price tag, this Champion Power Equipment generator won’t break the bank either.


When it comes to buying a generator, price is often an important consideration. This generator offers excellent value while still giving you plenty of power.

This 3500-watt generator retails for less than $500, which puts it on the lower end of the price range when compared to other 3000-4000W generators. Despite its low price, this Champion Power Equipment generator is packed with a portable design and protective features that make it great for camping or tailgating trips.

All in all, the Champion 46596 can provide reliable power at an affordable cost – making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

Design and Features of the Champion 46596

Power and Run Time

The generator is equipped with a powerful 196 cc Champion OHV 4-stroke engine that provides plenty of power to run your essential appliances and home electronics.

Its 3,500 running watts and 4,000 starting watts will give you the peace of mind that you need during an emergency or when powering up equipment for a job site.

The fuel tank is made from durable steel and has a fuel capacity of 3.8 gallons so you can easily go about your day without having to worry about refueling every few hours.

With this Champion generator, you get 12 hours of run time at 50% load – more than enough time to keep your lights on and your appliances running reliably even in times of need.

Whether it’s for camping trips, tailgating, or just being prepared for the unexpected, this Champion Power Equipment generator is an excellent choice. With its powerful performance and reliable run time, you can trust that your power needs are taken care of.


Champion 46596 Review
Champion 46596 Outlets

The Champion 46596 features three outlets, each with a different power capacity and voltage. The first is a 120V 20A (5-20R) outlet that is perfect for powering devices such as small appliances or lights. The second outlet is a 120V 30A (L5-30R) which is suitable for large appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Finally, the third outlet is a 120V 30A (TT-30R), which can be used to power RV campers and other high-wattage devices.


The generator has a lightweight and compact design that makes it perfect for transportation. It is 23.2 x 17.5 x 19.6 inches in size, weighing only 99.2 lbs when empty, and equipped with an open frame design to make it easier to carry around.

With its convenient and efficient portability, this Champion Power Equipment generator allows you to take power wherever you need it most, making it an excellent choice for camping trips or home backup during power outages.

Intelligauge Meter

The control panel of the Champion 46596 is equipped with an Intelligauge meter, which provides a clear and accurate reading of voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours accumulated on the engine – giving you complete control over your power consumption.

Auto Low Oil Shutdown

The Champion 46596 is equipped with an Automatic Low Oil Shut-off feature. This feature is designed to protect the engine from damage by shutting down the generator automatically when the oil level is too low.

When the oil level in the generator falls below a certain level, a sensor detects the low oil pressure and triggers the shutdown mechanism, which stops the engine to prevent damage. This is a useful safety feature, as running the generator with low oil levels can cause serious damage to the engine, and can even lead to a complete engine failure.

Overload Protection

The generator is equipped with overload protection (circuit breaker). This is an important safety feature that helps to protect the generator and the devices that are connected to it from damage in case of a power surge or overload.

Champion 46596 Review
Champion 46596 Open Frame Design

Volt Guard Surge Protection

The Champion 46596 has no built-in fuel gauge but it comes with built-in Volt Guard Surge Protection, which is a feature that protects the devices connected to the generator from voltage spikes and surges.

It provides a level of protection that can give you peace of mind when using your generator to power sensitive electronics. It is always important to make sure that the devices you are connecting to the generator are compatible with the generator’s voltage output and that you are not overloading the generator’s capacity.

RV Ready

This RV-ready portable generator features power outlets designed specifically for RV use. The TT-30R receptacle is a standard 30-amp outlet that is commonly used in RVs, and it provides a reliable and stable source of power for your RV appliances and electronics. With this receptacle, you can easily connect your RV to the generator and power your air conditioner, refrigerator, and other appliances.



This generator is EPA-approved but not CARB-compliant. It means that it meets the emissions standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) but does not meet the more stringent standards set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The EPA sets emissions standards for portable generators that are sold throughout the United States, while the CARB has its own set of emissions standards that are specific to California. The CARB standards are typically more strict than the EPA standards.

If you live in California and are considering purchasing the Champion 46596 portable generator, it’s important to note that it is not legal to operate non-CARB-compliant generators in California. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a CARB-compliant generator instead.

Champion Power Equipment Warranty

The Champion 46596 boasts a reliable 3-year limited warranty from Champion Power Equipment. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship, ensuring that your generator is ready to tackle the toughest tasks with confidence.

With the help of Champion’s excellent customer service team, you can be sure that your generator will remain functioning reliably and efficiently for years to come.

The 3-year limited warranty also ensures peace of mind knowing that if problems do arise, they’ll be taken care of quickly and easily.

Champion 46596 Review
Champion 46596 Versatile Use

Champion 46596 Generator Vs. The Competition (Pulsar PG3500MRCO Generator)

The Champion 46596 Generator Generator is a reliable and versatile portable generator that caters to a wide range of power needs. It is an excellent choice for RV travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, DIYers, and homeowners in need of a backup power source. The generator boasts impressive power and run time, convenient outlets, great portability, and useful features that ensure safe and efficient operation.

One of the significant advantages of the Champion 46596 is its powerful 196 cc Champion OHV 4-stroke engine that delivers 3,500W of running power and 4,000W of peak power. This output is more than enough to power a variety of devices, tools, and appliances, providing users with the flexibility to choose what to run. With a fuel capacity of 3.8 gallons, the generator can run for around 12 hours at half load, making it ideal for extended outdoor use.

The generator’s control panel features three AC outlets, including a TT-30R receptacle, which makes it RV ready, a 120V 20A receptacle, and a 120V 30A receptacle. These outlets offer users different options to connect their devices and appliances, making it easier to power their specific needs. However, it is important to note that the generator has a high THD (<20%), making it not suitable for sensitive electronic devices.

Portability is another area where the Champion 46596 excels. The generator’s dimensions of L23.2 x W17.5 x H19.6 in, in combination with its open frame design, provide support and allow the generator to be raised above ground level, making it ideal for rough environments and demanding outdoor use. Additionally, the generator weighs only 99.2 lbs, making it easy to transport and move around. The open frame design also allows users to easily grab and shift the generator to where they need it.

The Champion 46596 also boasts useful features that make it easy and safe to use. The Intelligauge meter on the control panel provides users with essential information such as voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours. Additionally, the generator features an automatic low oil shut-off and an overload protection circuit breaker that protects the device from damage during operation. The built-in surge protector (Volt Guard™) safeguards equipment and appliances against voltage spikes, ensuring they operate smoothly and without any issues.

The generator package also comes with basic documentation and an owner’s manual, a funnel, and a tool kit, making it easy to start and maintain the generator.

On the downside, the Champion 46596 is not CARB-compliant, which means it cannot be purchased or sold in California. However, the generator features a spark arrestor, which makes it adequate for use in forested areas.

When compared to the Pulsar PG3500MRCO Generator, the Champion 46596 stands out for its higher output power, longer run time, and more convenient outlets. The Pulsar PG3500MRCO Generator features a 3,500 peak wattage and a 3,000 running wattage, a single cylinder, 4-stroke, 208cc 7HP CARB-approved engine, and a 4-gallon fuel tank that provides up to 12 hours of run time at half load. The Pulsar generator also features two 120V outlets and one 12V DC output, making it less versatile than the Champion 46596. Additionally, the Pulsar generator weighs 92 lbs, making it slightly heavier than the Champion generator.

In conclusion, the Champion 46596 Generator Generator is a powerful, reliable, and versatile portable generator that provides users with the flexibility to power their specific needs. Its impressive power and run time, convenient outlets, and great portability.


After using the Champion 46596 generator myself, I have to say that it is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a portable and reliable power source. The generator’s powerful engine, efficient fuel consumption, and sturdy design make it a great option for a range of applications, from powering tools at job sites to providing electricity during camping trips.

I especially appreciate the user-friendly features of the generator, such as the Intelligauge meter and automatic low-oil shutoff, which make it easy to monitor and maintain the generator. And with its multiple outlets and RV-ready design, the Champion 46596 is versatile enough to power a range of appliances and devices.

Another standout feature of the Champion 46596 is its affordability. Despite its impressive performance and features, the generator is priced lower than many comparable models, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Champion 46596 generator to anyone in need of reliable and portable power. With its combination of power, efficiency, and affordability, it’s a great investment that is sure to provide peace of mind in any situation where electricity is needed.

Champion 46596 Ownwer’s Manual


How loud is the Champion 46596?

The Champion 46596 generator has a rated noise level of 68 decibels at a distance of 23 feet (7 meters) away. This is a relatively low noise for a portable generator, and it should not be too disruptive in most settings. To give you a better idea of how loud 68 decibels is, it is roughly equivalent to the noise level of a vacuum cleaner or a normal conversation at a distance of three feet (one meter) away. Keep in mind that the noise of the generator can vary depending on the load it is powering, and the noise level will be higher the closer you are to the generator.

Is the Champion 46596 parallel-ready?

No, the Champion 46596 generator is not parallel-ready. This means that it cannot be connected to another generator of the same model or brand in parallel to increase its power output. Although the generator does not have the parallel capability, it still provides a substantial amount of power with its 3,500 running watts and 4,000 starting watts. However, if you anticipate needing more power than this, you may want to consider a different generator that is parallel-ready or has higher power output.

Is the Champion 46596 dual fuel?

The Champion 46596 generator is not a dual-fuel generator. It does not have a dual fuel option and only runs on gasoline. It has a 4-gallon gasoline tank and can run for up to 12 hours at 50% load.

Does the Champion 46596 come with a wheel kit?

The Champion 46596 generator does not come with a wheel kit included. However, the generator does have a fold-down handle for easy mobility. If you would like to add the kit to the generator, Champion does offer a kit that is compatible with the 46596 model. The kit includes two never-flat tires and a fold-away handle for easy storage. The kit also includes a support leg with rubber mounts to reduce vibration and increase the stability of the generator during operation.

Champion Customer Support

Champion Offers immediate assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


US Headquarters
12039 Smith Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Toll-free 1-877-338-0999
Fax 562-236-9429

Wisconsin Office
W245N5551 S. Corporate Circle
Sussex, WI 53089


Canada Headquarters
5415 N Service Road
Burlington, Ontario L7L 5H7
Toll-free 1-877-338-0999


Champion Generators Europe
Bradley Hall Trading Estate
Unit 17-18 Bradley Ln
Standish, Wigan WN6 0XQ UK
+44 1942 715407

Facts About Champion

Champion Power Equipment is a company that specializes in producing portable generators for a variety of applications. They offer a wide range of generators from small, compact models for camping and tailgating to larger models capable of powering an entire home during a power outage.

Champion is known for producing high-quality, reliable generators at affordable prices. Their products are designed with innovative features such as inverter technology, which provides clean, stable power for sensitive electronics, and parallel capability, which allows users to connect two generators for even more power.

In addition to their generators, Champion also offers a variety of generator accessories and replacement parts to help customers get the most out of their products. They have a strong focus on customer support and offer comprehensive warranty and technical support for all their products.

Overall, Champion Power Equipment is a reputable company that produces high-quality portable generators at competitive prices. Their products are designed to provide reliable power for a variety of applications, and their commitment to customer satisfaction makes them a top choice for those in need of a portable generator.

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