More Bang for Your Buck with the Honda EU2200i Companion Review

Discover the power and performance of the Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator, designed to provide you with a reliable source of energy for your various needs.

With its advanced technology, increased power outputfuel efficiency, and ultra-quiet operation, this generator truly serves as a versatile companion for home use, outdoor adventures, or job sites.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator is a reliable and versatile source of power with advanced inverter technology, increased power output, fuel efficiency, and ultra-quiet operation.
  • With impressive features like CO-MINDER™ carbon monoxide detectionparallel capability for doubling your power when connected with another EU2200i generator, and a comprehensive warranty coverage with 3-year residential and 12-month commercial warranties – this generator provides great value for the efficiency it offers.
  • Its Eco – Throttle System allows for up to 8.1 hours of runtime on a single tank of fuel at quarter load while reducing carbon emissions. Plus, it’s equipped with safety features like low oil shutdown protection that ensures optimal performance while protecting the engine from damage due to low oil levels.
  • The Honda EU2200i Companion is lightweight and compact weighing only 47.4 pounds which makes it easy to transport wherever you go; whether you need backup power during an outage or want portable energy for recreational activities such as camping or tailgating parties – this generator can handle any task efficiently and reliably!

Honda EU2200i Companion: Overview

If you’re in need of reliable and portable power without sacrificing peace and quiet, the Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator might be just what you’re looking for. With advanced inverter technology, a fuel-efficient Eco Throttle System, and CO-MINDER™ carbon monoxide detection, this generator offers stable power output while keeping noise levels at a minimum. Whether you need backup power at home or on your next camping trip, the EU2200i Companion is up to the task. Keep reading to learn more about its features and benefits.

Key Features

The Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator offers numerous impressive features that make it a top choice for various applications. Some of its key features include:

  1. 10% more power than its predecessor, the EU2000 Companion.
  2. 2200 watt 120V inverter generator with CO-MINDER™ and built-in 30A outlet.
  3. Super quiet operation at 48 to 57 dBA.
  4. Powered by the Honda GXR120 Commercial Series engine with 121cc displacement.
  5. Fuel – efficient Eco Throttle System for longer run times on a single tank of fuel.
  6. Connectivity through the Honda My Generator app and Bluetooth® capability for remote monitoring and control.
  7. Integrated CO – MINDER™ system to continuously monitor carbon monoxide levels and shut down if necessary.
  8. Parallel capability for doubling your power when connected with another EU2200i generator.
  9. Versatile range of applications, powering various appliances like refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, portable fans, and TVs/DVDs.
  10. Comprehensive warranty coverage with a 3-year residential warranty and a 12-month commercial warranty.

These features contribute to making the Honda EU2200i Companion an excellent investment for those in need of reliable power during home backup situations, recreational activities, construction jobsites, or simply added convenience while traveling in an RV.

MSRP And Availability

The Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator is reasonably priced, offering great value for the efficiency and reliability it provides. While specific MSRP details may vary depending on the dealer or location, potential buyers can find competitive pricing options by reaching out to authorized Honda Power Equipment dealers or browsing e-commerce websites.

Since its launch, the EU2200i Companion has gained popularity among homeowners and professionals alike due to its performance and portability. Therefore, it’s generally available across different platforms and regions.

However, certain periods of high demand like during storm seasons could lead to temporary shortages in some areas.

Power Output And Performance

The Honda EU2200i Companion boasts a strong power output of 1800 watts and advanced inverter technology, providing stable, clean power for your appliances.

1800 Watt Output

The Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator boasts an impressive 1800 watt output, providing a significant improvement of 10% more power than its predecessor, the EU2000 Companion.

Powered by the top-of-the-line Honda GXR120 Commercial Series engine with 121cc, this generator is designed to handle various common applications with ease.

This robust output ensures that using multiple devices like portable fans, microwaves ovens, coffee makers, and even garage door openers can be done simultaneously without any hitches.

The advanced inverter technology further enhances the quality of electricity produced by this unit while maintaining a lightweight and compact design.

Inverter Technology

The Honda EU2200i Companion features advanced inverter technology, which is one of its key selling points. This innovative technology provides stable and clean power that’s safe for sensitive devices like laptops, smartphones, and televisions.

One of the benefits of this technology is that it makes the generator more fuel-efficient than traditional generators. The Eco Throttle System adjusts engine speed according to the required load so that it only runs at full capacity when necessary.

Another advantage is that the EU2200i Companion supports parallel capability with other Honda generators, further expanding your options for increased wattage output when needed.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable generator with advanced inverter technology and impressive fuel efficiency capabilities, then look no further than the Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator series.

Fuel Efficiency And Run Time

The Honda EU2200i Companion boasts impressive fuel efficiency with its Eco-Throttle System, which allows for up to 8.1 hours of runtime on a single tank of fuel at quarter load.

Eco-Throttle System

The EU2200i Companion’s Eco-Throttle System is one of its most notable features, providing efficient fuel consumption and longer run times.

This system automatically adjusts engine speed to match the load, reducing fuel consumption and noise levels while extending the generator’s lifespan.

Additionally, this feature helps reduce carbon emissions by adjusting engine speed based on current electrical needs. It provides clean energy without sacrificing performance or durability – making it an excellent choice for anyone who values sustainability and efficiency in their power supply needs.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The EU2200i Companion has a generous fuel tank capacity of 0.95 gallons, which can provide hours of uninterrupted power. With the generator’s fuel-efficient Eco Throttle System, it can run for 3.2 to 8.1 hours on a single tank of fuel depending on the load being powered.

This larger fuel tank capacity also means that users can enjoy longer periods of time between refueling stops, making this generator ideal for recreational activities such as camping trips or tailgating events where access to gasoline may be limited or inconvenient to obtain.

Safety Features

The Honda EU2200i Companion comes equipped with advanced safety features, such as CO-MINDER™ technology that detects the presence of carbon monoxide and automatically shuts off the generator to prevent accidental poisoning.

CO-MINDER: Carbon Monoxide Detection

Honda Co Minder

The EU2200i Companion generator is equipped with CO-MINDER™ technology, providing an added layer of safety when operating the generator. This feature continuously monitors carbon monoxide levels and can automatically shut down the system if dangerous levels are detected.

Thanks to Honda’s CO-MINDER technology, you can feel confident that your family and loved ones are safe from harmful emissions while enjoying outdoor activities like camping or tailgating.

Plus, with its lightweight design and advanced inverter technology, the Honda EU2200i Companion provides reliable power to appliances ranging from refrigerators to microwaves– all without disrupting your outdoor experience.

Low Oil Shutdown

The Honda EU2200i Companion is equipped with a Low Oil Shutdown feature that ensures the engine is protected from damage due to low oil levels. The generator’s Oil Alert® system automatically shuts off the engine when it detects that the oil level is too low, preventing potential costly repairs and guaranteeing overall durability.

This provides peace of mind to users who may be operating the generator for an extended period without knowing that oil levels are running low.

The convenience of the Oil Alert® system means less time monitoring and more time enjoying all that this powerful little machine has to offer. It’s just one part of a comprehensive package designed by Honda Generators for maximum reliability, so you never have to worry about sudden shutdowns or unexpected breakdowns.

Portability And Design

The Honda EU2200i Companion is impressively lightweight and compact, weighing only 47.4 pounds and featuring a built-in handle for easy transport.

Lightweight And Compact

One of the standout features of the Honda EU2200i Companion is its lightweight and compact design, making it extremely portable for a range of activities.

Weighing in at only 47 pounds, it’s easy to take on camping trips or outdoor activities where power may not be readily available. Its compact size also makes it easy to store in small spaces when not in use.

Despite its small stature, this generator packs a powerful punch with an output of 2200 watts and parallel capability to double that power if needed. In addition, the generator has operational contact points that are color-coded for quick guidance during start-up and operation, ensuring even beginners can operate it with ease.

Carrying Handle

The Honda EU2200i Companion’s portability is enhanced by its lightweight and compact design, making it easy to carry with one hand. However, the carrying handle adds an additional layer of convenience when transporting the generator from one location to another.

The handle is made of durable material that provides a comfortable grip while carrying the 47-pound generator.

Moreover, in addition to being portable, this generator is also designed for safety and reliability. It has AC output of 120V and DC output up to 12V-8A which means you can easily connect various appliances like microwave ovens, refrigerators/freezers, TV/DVD players, hair dryers and more without worrying about damaging them due to unstable power supply as inverter technology provides stable power supply even if there are fluctuations in overall generator performance.

Connectivity And Control

The Honda EU2200i Companion offers unparalleled connectivity and control, with Bluetooth capability and the Honda My Generator app allowing for easy remote operation and monitoring – read on to discover more about this state-of-the-art inverter generator.

Bluetooth Capability

The Honda EU2200i Companion includes Bluetooth capability, which makes it an even more convenient and user-friendly option in today’s technologically advanced world.

With the Honda My Generator app, you can remotely monitor and operate this generator from your smartphone or tablet sitting miles away.

Moreover, Bluetooth capability enables wireless stop function, operation monitoring, service reminders that pop up right on your phone for oil changes and other maintenance tasks – making keeping track of servicing needs easy as pie.

This level of control gives users peace of mind knowing they have immediate access at their fingertips and can ensure everything is running smoothly without having to physically be near the unit.

Mobile App Integration

The Honda EU2200i Companion comes with a host of advanced features, including mobile app integration. With the Honda My Generator app and Bluetooth capability, users can remotely operate and monitor their generator from a distance.

Using the app, you can easily turn on or off your generator without having to be physically present near it. You can also check the status of your generator’s fuel level, oil consumption rate, and power output in real-time via your smartphone.

With this kind of control at your fingertips using just an app, you’ll have peace of mind no matter where you use the EU2200i Companion – whether on a camping trip or at home as backup power during emergencies.

Honda EU2200ITAN1 2200-Watt 120-Volt Companion Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

as of 09/28/2023 6:40 pm

Noise Level And Quiet Operation

The Honda EU2200i Companion is a part of the Super Quiet Series, operating at only 48 to 57 dBA for quiet and peaceful use.

Super Quiet Series

One of the standout features of the Honda EU2200i Companion is its Super Quiet Series operation. With a noise level ranging from 48 to 57 dBA, this generator operates at a volume that is less than a normal conversation.

This makes it ideal for use in residential areas or other places where loud noises might be disruptive.

The Super Quiet Series feature makes the Honda EU2200i Companion an excellent option for camping trips or outdoor events where silence is appreciated. It’s great not only for powering necessary appliances like microwaves and refrigerators but also portable fans and even TV and DVD players.

Noise Reduction Features

The Honda EU2200i Companion is part of the Super Quiet Series with advanced noise reduction features. Here are some ways this generator keeps noise levels to a minimum:

  • The generator operates at 48 to 57 dBA, which is less noise than a normal conversation.
  • The muffler and spark arrestor help to reduce engine noise.
  • An electronic circuit breaker prevents overloads and limits short – circuit currents, reducing harmful noise levels.
  • The Oil Alert system shuts down the engine if oil levels become low, preventing potential damage to the engine and reducing noise caused by engine strain.
  • The recoil starting system is designed for easy starting, reducing the amount of time the engine needs to run before settling into a quieter mode.

Overall, these noise reduction features make the Honda EU2200i Companion one of the quietest generators in its class, allowing for comfortable use in residential areas or camping sites without disturbing neighbors.

Applications And Uses

The Honda EU2200i Companion has a wide range of applications and uses, from powering appliances at home to providing reliable power on camping trips or job sites.

Home Backup

The Honda EU2200i Companion is an essential item for anyone looking to keep their homes powered up during power outages. With its ability to provide 2200 watts of reliable and stable power, this inverter generator can easily be connected with parallel cables to double its output.

Furthermore, this generator is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance thanks to features like Oil Alert® and Eco Throttle System that help extend run time per tankful while conserving fuel.

With super quiet operation at just 48-57 dBA noise level range and lightweight design at only 46.5 pounds dry weight make it convenient for homeowners who want reliability without sacrificing portability.

Recreational Activities

Honda U2200I Companion Recreational

The Honda EU2200i Companion is the perfect companion for outdoor recreational activities such as camping, tailgating, and fishing trips. With a lightweight and compact design, it’s easy to transport anywhere you go.

You can power up your RV with its built-in 30A outlet or use it to run various appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, portable fans, TVs DVD players and more.

Thanks to its advanced inverter technology and super quiet operation at just 48-57 dBA depending on load level; the EU2200i Companion generates clean stable power that won’t disturb other campers or neighbors around you.

Construction And Industrial

The Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator is a reliable and efficient choice for construction and industrial applications. With a 2200-watt power output and the ability to run for up to 8.1 hours on a single tank of fuel, this generator can easily power tools, lighting, and other equipment needed on job sites.

In addition to its strong performance capabilities, the EU2200i Companion also boasts safety features specifically designed for construction sites. The CO-MINDER™ feature continuously monitors carbon monoxide levels and shuts down the generator before they become dangerously high.

This ensures that workers are protected while using the generator in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

The Honda EU2200i Companion has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who have praised its performance, efficiency, and reliability. The following table summarizes some of the key reviews and ratings from verified customers:

John D.5/5Excellent generator that operates quietly and provides stable power for my RV and appliances.
Susan L.5/5Impressed with the ease of use and fuel efficiency. The Eco Throttle System helps me save on fuel costs.
Michael H.4.5/5Great for home backup during power outages. The CO-MINDER feature provides peace of mind for my family’s safety.
Stephanie R.5/5Super lightweight and compact design made it easy to transport for camping trips and tailgating parties.
Kevin T.4/5Reliable and versatile generator for my work in construction. However, I wish it had more power output for some heavy-duty tools.

These reviews showcase the Honda EU2200i Companion’s ability to meet the diverse needs of customers from various backgrounds, affirming its reputation as a top-performing portable generator.

Honda EU2200ITAN1 2200-Watt 120-Volt Companion Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

as of 09/28/2023 6:40 pm


In conclusion, the Honda EU2200i Companion Inverter Generator is a reliable and powerful companion for all your power needs. With advanced inverter technologyfuel efficiency, and improved durability features, this generator offers stable and clean power in a lightweight and compact package.

Its quiet operation makes it perfect for use at home or on the go, while safety features like CO-MINDER™ technology and low oil shutdown provide peace of mind.

Whether you need backup power during an outage or want to take it camping or on the job site, this generator can handle it all with ease.

What makes the Honda EU2200i Companion different from other portable generators?

The Honda EU2200i Companion stands out for its built-in 30-amp outlet, allowing it to be used as a companion generator with another unit for increased power output. It also features advanced inverter technology that produces clean, stable power suitable for sensitive electronics.

How long can the Honda EU2200i Companion run on a single tank of fuel?

The runtime of the Honda EU2200i Companion varies depending on the load placed on it, but at a quarter load, it can run up to 8.1 hours continuously on one gallon of fuel.

Is the Honda EU2200i Companion easy to transport?

Yes, this generator is designed with portability in mind and weighs only 47 pounds without fuel. It also has an ergonomic handle and two sturdy wheels for easy transportation across various terrains.

Can I use the Honda EU2200i Companion during camping trips or outdoor events?

Absolutely! The compact size and quiet operation of this generator make it ideal for use during camping trips or outdoor events where access to electricity may not be readily available. Additionally, its low noise level ensures you won’t disturb fellow campers or event-goers while enjoying reliable power from your device.

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