Generator Wattage Calculator

Are you looking for a watt calculator for portable generators? Calculating the wattage of your electrical power needs is important when selecting a generator. Use this wattage calculator to help determine what size generator is best suited to power your appliances and electronics.

Wattage Calculator

Wattage Calculator

How Will You Primarily Use The Generator?

Step 1

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  • Home back up power
  • Primary home power
  • Construction/Contractor
  • Rental fleet
  • Farm/Agricultural
  • RV vehicle
  • Camping
  • Tailgating
  • Outdoor events

How to use the Portable generator wattage calculator

Step 1. Please select whether you will use it for Home, Work, or Play.


This includes home backup power or primary home power


This includes construction, Contractors, Rental Fleets, Farming, etc.


This includes RV’s, Camping, Tailgating, and outdoor events.

Step 2. Select what you want to power

Select each piece of equipment you want to power, the quantity and watts, add other items if needed, and then click calculate wattage.

This will add up all the electrical power requirements in all your appliances.

With this information on hand, you can use it to help you determine the right generator for your electrical appliances.

Starting Watts vs. Running Watts in Portable Generators

Portable generators are a great way to keep your home running during power outages, camping trips, and other times when you need a reliable source of energy. When it comes to portable generators, understanding the difference between starting watts and running watts is important because it will help you decide what type of generator is best for your needs.

Starting Watts

Start watts measure the maximum electrical load that portable generators need when they start up or are powered on via a switch or button. This value is important for deciding which generator you should buy as selecting one with too small of wattage may affect its ability to turn on or run certain appliances properly. Generally speaking, most motors require 2-7 times more wattage than what they need while running just so that they can start up correctly. Knowing this information can assist you in finding the perfect portable generator for all of your energy needs.

Running Watts

Running watts measure how much electricity an appliance requires for normal operating power once it has already started. The wattage rating typically remains consistent over time as long as nothing changes about the environment where it’s running or additional loads are added to the generator’s output. It’s important to take this measurement into consideration when shopping around for portable generators since some models have higher ratings than others, and this could lead to wasted energy usage if not chosen carefully.

In conclusion, familiarizing yourself with how starting watts and running watts work in relation to portable generators can help ensure that you get enough power supply and don’t waste any unnecessary energy in the process.

Typical Appliance Wattage Usage

100W light bulb (Incandescent)100W100W0W
22 Inch LED TV17W17W0.5W
25″ Color TV150W150WN/A
3″ belt sander1000W1000WN/A
32 Inch LED TV20W60W1W
42 Inch LED TV58W60W0.3W
42 Inch Plasma TV450W600WN/A
46 Inch LED TV60W70W1W
49 Inch LED TV85W85W1W
55 Inch LED TV116W116W0.5W
60W light bulb (Incandescent)60W60W0W
65 Inch LED TV120W130W1W
82 Inch LED TV228W295W0.5W
9″ disc sander1200W1200WN/A
Air Cooler65W80WN/A
Air Fryer1500W1500WN/A
Air Purifier25W30WN/A
Amazon Echo3W3W2W
Amazon Echo Dot2W3WN/A
Amazon Echo Show2W4W0.1W
American-Style Fridge Freezer40W80WN/A
Apple TV3W6W0.3W
Aquarium Pump20W50WN/A
AV Receiver450W450WN/A
Bathroom Towel Heater60W150WN/A
Ceiling Fan60W70W0W
Clock radio1W2WN/A
Clothes Dryer1000W4000WN/A
Coffee Maker800W1400WN/A
Computer Monitor25W30WN/A
Cooker Hood20W30W0W
Corded Drill600W850WN/A
Corded Electric Handheld Leaf Blower2500W2500WN/A
Cordless Drill Charger70W150WN/A
CPAP machine30W60WN/A
Curling Iron25W35W0W
DAB Mains Radio5W9WN/A
Deep Freezer19W19WN/A
Desktop Computer100W450WN/A
Domestic Water Pump200W300W0W
DVD Player26W60WN/A
Electric Blanket200W200WN/A
Electric Boiler4000W14000WN/A
Electric Doorbell Transformer2W2WN/A
Electric Heater Fan2000W3000WN/A
Electric Kettle1200W3000W0W
Electric Mower1500W1500WN/A
Electric Pressure Cooker1000W1000WN/A
Electric Shaver15W20WN/A
Electric stove2000W2000WN/A
Electric Tankless Water Heater6600W8800WN/A
Electric Thermal Radiator500W500WN/A
Electric Toothbrush Charger6W6WN/A
Espresso Coffee Machine1300W1500WN/A
EV Car Charger2000W7000WN/A
EV Home Charger1600W3400WN/A
Evaporative Air Conditioner2600W2600WN/A
External Hard Drive1W3WN/A
Extractor Fan12W12WN/A
Fluorescent Lamp28W45WN/A
Food Blender300W400WN/A
Food Dehydrator800W800WN/A
Fridge / Freezer150W400WN/A
Game Console120W200WN/A
Gaming PC300W600W1W
Garage Door Opener300W400WN/A
Google Home Mini15W15W2W
Guitar Amplifier20W30WN/A
Hair Blow Dryer1800W2500WN/A
Hand Wash Oversink Water Heater3000W3000WN/A
Heated Bathroom Mirror50W100WN/A
Heated Hair Rollers400W400WN/A
Home Air Conditioner1000W4000WN/A
Home Internet Router5W15WN/A
Home Phone3W5W2W
Home Sound System95W95W1W
Hot Water Dispenser1200W1300WN/A
Hot Water Immersion Heater3000W3000WN/A
Induction Hob (per hob)1400W1800WN/A
Inkjet Printer20W30WN/A
Inverter Air conditioner1300W1800WN/A
Kitchen Extractor Fan200W200WN/A
Laptop Computer50W100WN/A
Laser Printer600W800WN/A
LED Christmas Lights5W5WN/A
LED Light Bulb7W10W0W
LG Soundbar23W30W0.5W
Mi Box5W7W3W
Night Light1W1W0W
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter7W40WN/A
Outdoor Hot Tub60W500WN/A
Paper Shredder200W220WN/A
Pedestal Fan50W60WN/A
Philips Hue Smart Bulb8W9W0.4W
Phone Charger4W7WN/A
PlayStation 485W90WN/A
PlayStation 5160W200WN/A
Portable Air Conditioner1000W1200WN/A
Power Shower7500W10500W0W
Pressure Cooker700W700WN/A
Pressure Washer1500W1500WN/A
Rice Cooker200W800WN/A
Ring Spotlight Cam Wired25W4W2W
Sandwich Maker700W1000WN/A
Set Top Box27W30WN/A
Sewing Machine70W80WN/A
Singer Sewing Machine100W100WN/A
Slow Cooker160W180WN/A
Smoke Detector0W1WN/A
Space Heater2000W5000WN/A
Steam Iron2200W2500WN/A
Straightening Iron75W300WN/A
Submersible Water Pump200W400WN/A
Table Fan10W25WN/A
Table Top Fridge10W15WN/A
Tablet Charger10W15WN/A
Tablet Computer5W10WN/A
Tower Fan60W60WN/A
Tube Light (1500mm)22W22WN/A
TV (19″ color)40W100W1W
Vacuum Cleaner450W900W0W
Wall Fan45W60W0W
Washing Machine500W500W1W
Water Dispenser100W100WN/A
Water Feature35W35WN/A
Water Filter and Cooler70W100WN/A
WiFi Booster1W2WN/A
WiFi Router4W10W4W
Window Air Conditioner500W1500WN/A
Wine cooler (18 bottles)83W83W0W
Xbox One50W110W14W

Energy Saver

Reviewing the Energy Guide Label

The Energy Guide label estimates the average energy consumption and costs to run a certain appliance model. Not all appliances and home electronics are required to have one, but for those that do, it can be a great way to compare different products before making a purchase decision.

The label will provide information such as estimated annual energy use, operating costs, and even potential savings compared with similar models. It also includes other helpful stats such as general product features, noise levels, and water usage (in some cases). Generally speaking, higher efficiency models will come at a higher price tag but can save you money in the long run if they fit within your budget.

In conclusion, taking the time to review the Energy Guide label associated with any new appliance or home electronics you’re considering purchasing can help ensure that you make an informed decision by weighing out all available options without sacrificing efficiency or performance.

Thank you for using our tool, and don’t forget to check out our important article on Portable Generator Safety.

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