Tailgating and Portable generators | How Can You Use Portable Generators In Your Tailgating Experience

Perhaps you’ve been to a tailgate gathering, thinking, “Gosh, that dude’s arrangement is much greater than mine!” Maybe you’re simply a passer-by, asking what all these guys have been doing in the car park and why it smelled so delicious. Either way, you’ve come to the correct spot when you want to know about tailgating and portable generators!

You likely think that, in comparison to your tiny makeshift snack, someone else is enjoying a steakhouse-level 3-course dinner in a car park. You have the potential to become one of them. 

BBQs, tailgates, hunt gatherings, and other community events are inherently appealing to many people. 

However, our resourcefulness and tradition will not allow us to be happy with a pre-packaged meal in a backpack. Continue reading to learn how to take your tailgate to the next degree and enhance your knowledge about tailgating and portable generators.

Generator At A Tailgate Party

Definition of Tailgating

Tailgate gatherings are a North American tradition in the parking areas from outside (U.S.) football grounds in the United States and Canada. Tailgating is more than simply a meal before the game. It has evolved into a special social occasion, sometimes even more important to supporters than the sport itself. And there are a lot of rivalries to see who can throw the most stunning fete.

The importance of food is unquestionable. Tailgating has traditionally featured homemade food and drink, either made ahead of schedule or on game day. Keeping hot meals hot and cold items cold with all that in mind is critical.

People that have been in the car park for some time, particularly long-term ticket price holders, frequently put up a bigger spread. Full-sized outside BBQ grills are frequently there in the backsides of big trucks or campers. These men and women take it very seriously, often preparing many pounds of smoked sausages, Poland sausages, lots of ribs, or even hamburgers for their family and friends.

When can you have tailgating and portable generators along?

At first glance, bringing a portable generator may appear needless. To indicate how much you can and can’t get away with or without a portable generator, here’s a list of some of the most typical tailgating items and how they’re fuelled.

Preparation of meals

Meals are finest when served hot. Americans, especially tailgaters, are well aware of this – it’s why we assemble in a car park before every game from the start.

While enormous amounts of meat are often cooked over a coal or gasoline grill, you can’t live only on steaks. Main dishes, such as beans, soups, or stews with a more liquid foundation, are just as vital as the main course.

These are frequently made in rice cookers or crockpots. It’s not uncommon to see microwaves or toast burners in use in parking areas.

If the tailgaters get up early enough, they might also prepare brunch. They’ll utilize cast iron skillets to make breakfast, omelets and sausage, and toaster ovens to make toast.

Electrical equipment can be more reliable and easier, particularly in a possibly windy car park. However, all of the above may be swapped with an open fire, provided you have the proper setup and competence.

Tailgating And Portable Generators

Drink both hot and cold

Beverages offer the hot/cold dichotomy.

For hot drinks, kettles and coffee machines are electric-powered equipment that may be observed, particularly on colder days or winter mornings. Both will need a significant amount of electricity, which a vehicle battery cannot give. However, whether flame-heated or electric-powered setups can be used. Tailgating and portable generators make a good combination.

Some items, on either hand, must be cooled or maintained at a constant temperature. Wine, of course, is also one of those. This is usually achieved using medium- to large-sized ice chests, based on how many guests are scheduled to attend and how much they want to eat.

For freezing robust, closed glass jars or aluminum cans of alcoholic drinks, a big covered box packed with frozen cubes works well.

When chest coolers do not work

Ice chests aren’t always the best option when keeping larger or non-waterproof bottles like mashed potatoes or sour cream cool. The materials of these storage facilities may be harmed by water infiltration when the ice is melting. In such instances, an electric fridge is the best option. Here tailgating and portable generators are the best to overcome these issues.

Additional appliances

Some attendees would carry tv sets, huge televisions, and loudspeakers to the celebration. Sometimes gatherings will include lighting or transportable warmers in the case of mid-evening or night activities, especially during the winter with its limited supply of light.

A fan may offer a cool breeze on a warm summer day. Finally, computers and mobile phones may have to be charged regardless of the season.

Although many of these things may be used by connecting a power converter to a car’s 12-volt system, the quantity of electricity required for further than a few hours will quickly run out of power. A portable, gas-powered generator is the solution to ensuring the tailgate party’s enjoyment. Tailgating and portable generators make it a breeze.

Generators for Tailgating

Before purchasing a generator, examine the needed power for the equipment you intend to carry. Various websites may assist you in determining how much electricity your gadgets will consume. We recommend utilizing the generator’s size estimator so you can put your devices on top.

Once you’ve determined this, you’ll need to choose a portable generator with somewhat more than adequate power to deliver the required load. We believe you should estimate your outcome to be approximately 2 kW, depending on your equipment. The power estimator even suggests certain ideal models for specific use.

Other factors that need to be considered include: 

  • How many DB of loudness do the generators emit?
  • What is its weight, how big is it, and will it fit in your car?
  • How far will it run on a single load of gasoline? 
  • Will you carry a spare plastic container?
  • Will you charge sensitive electronics that need inverter generators (laptops, phones, smart TVs, etc.)?
  • What is your financial situation?

Final notes

In conclusion, portable generators can take your tailgating experience to another level. While many meals and drinks can be made over an open flame, and your car battery can power many devices, portable generators broaden your options and provide new, more practical alternatives.

 Inverter generators are the ideal equipment for tailgating. It will help if you strive for the lowest possible weight, size, noise, and fuel consumption. You may even think about employing two smaller generators in parallel, especially if you want to limit/extend your power supply during specific occasions.

Finally, having attended several tailgate parties, we know many party guests’ safety concerns needlessly subject themselves. As a result, before you go to your next tailgate party, we advise you to review the generator safety tips.

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