Best Generators Made In USA | Recommended Models To Buy (2023)


Power outages and extreme weather events are on the rise, making generators an essential investment for households and businesses alike. American-made generators boast superior quality, reliability, and adherence to U.S. standards, ensuring that you receive the best product for your hard-earned dollar.

In this blog post, we will explore the top six American generator brands – NorthStar, Generac, Briggs & Stratton, Winco, Cummins, and Gillette – discussing their features and unique advantages so you can better understand which one is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • American – made generators offer superior quality, reliability and compliance with US standards.
  • The top six American generator brands are: NorthStar, Generac, Briggs & Stratton, Winco, Cummins and Gillette.
  • Generac is the best overall home standby generator brand in America today, while NorthStar is the top rated American manufacturer for portable generators.
  • Choosing USA-made generators not only ensures high-quality power backup solutions but also supports local businesses and contributes positively to our economy.
Best Generates Made In The Usa

Why Choose American-Made Generators

When it comes to generators, choosing an American-made option offers a range of benefits including top-quality, reliable performance, supporting local businesses and economy, as well as compliance with U.S. standards and regulations.

Quality And Reliability

As a potential customer, you deserve the best in quality and reliability when it comes to investing in a generator. American-made generators have built a strong reputation for their superior performance and long-lasting durability, assuring you that your hard-earned money is being spent wisely.

One outstanding example of American craftsmanship is Generac – operating since 1959 – which consistently ranks as one of the top manufacturers for home backup generators.

Thanks to their commitment to using high-grade material components, innovative engineering techniques, and industry-leading warranties, Generac has earned its place as a trusted name among homeowners and businesses alike.

Supporting Local Businesses And Economy

Choosing American-made generators not only ensures high-quality and reliable performance but also directly contributes to supporting local businesses and the economy.

By opting for USA-made portable generators from top brands like Generac, NorthStar, Briggs & Stratton, Cummins, Winco, and Gillette, you are promoting job growth and boosting local economies.

For instance, when you purchase a Cummins Onan diesel generator or a Kohler/Spectrum 250DS diesel generator from Swift Equipment Solutions – an American company offering power generation equipment for various industries – you are helping create demand for locally-produced goods while maintaining jobs within the nation.

Remember that each dollar spent on American products ripples through other sectors of the economy and has a multiplier effect that strengthens our communities as well as national economic health.

Compliance With U.S. Standards And Regulations

Compliance with U.S. standards and regulations is an essential factor to consider when choosing American-made generators because it ensures that these power-generation devices meet safety requirementsenvironmental guidelines, and help in maintaining excellent quality control.

For instance, Detroit diesel generators are built to comply with EPA’s strict rules ensuring their safe operation while minimizing emissions harmful to our environment. Another great example is Waukesha gas motors’ versatility – these engines can run on various fuels like propane, gasoline, and biogas methane without compromising performance or durability.

Generac: Best Overall Home Standby Generator

Generac, established in 1959, is an American-based company and their home standby generators are the best in terms of reliability and overall performance for powering your entire home during power outages.

Features & Description (Generac Home Standby Generators)

Generac Home Standby Generators are among the most reliable and efficient generators available in the market. These industrial-grade generators come with G-FORCE and OHVI engines, which are designed and manufactured by Generac itself in Wisconsin.

The Generac Home Standby Generator features automatic start-up and shut-down mechanisms, meaning they will kick into action when a power outage occurs without manual intervention needed.

This feature ensures uninterrupted flow of electricity to homes during outages, making them an ideal investment for homeowners seeking peace of mind during emergencies.

Generac provides its customers with long-term warranties as well as 24/7 customer support services for their home standby generator purchases. That way, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is taken care of throughout its lifespan by industry-leading professionals who have years of experience maintaining these products.

Pros & Cons (Generac Home Standby Generators)

Generac Home Standby Generators are a top choice for many homeowners due to their reliability, efficiency, and overall performance. However, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Designed and manufactured in the USA by Generac Power Systems, ensuring high quality and adherence to U.S. standards and regulations.Requires regular maintenance, such as oil changes and air filter replacements, to ensure optimal performance.
Automatic transfer switches (ATS) provide a seamless transition between utility and generator power during an outage.Can be more expensive upfront compared to some competing brands.
Low environmental impact while meeting the most stringent power requirements.Some homeowners may find the size of the unit to be larger than desired.
Lower fuel consumption than other brands, such as Kohler and Briggs & Stratton.Professional installation is recommended, which can add to the overall cost.
Automatic startup within seconds of a power outage ensures minimal disruption to your daily activities.Noisy operation may be a concern for some homeowners, particularly those with close neighbors.

Carefully consider these pros and cons before deciding if Generac Home Standby Generators are the right choice for your home energy backup needs.

NorthStar: Top Rated American Manufacturer For Portable Generators

NorthStar is an American generator manufacturer that specializes in making high-wattage and gasoline generators, with a reputation for reliability and performance.

Features & Description (NorthStar Portable Generators)

I gotta say, I’m a big fan of NorthStar generators. As one of the top-rated American manufacturers for portable generators, they offer some really impressive features that make them stand out from the competition.

For starters, their G-FORCE engines are designed specifically for generator use and provide reliable power output with reduced noise levels.

But what I really love about these portable generators is how durable and rugged they are. Made with heavy-duty steel frames and premium componentsNorthStar generators can handle tough conditions like extreme temperatures or harsh work environments.

If you’re looking for a high-quality generator made in the USA that’s built to last, NorthStar should definitely be at the top of your list.

Pros & Cons (NorthStar Portable Generators)

NorthStar Portable Generators offer many advantages and some drawbacks to consider when making your decision. The table below outlines the pros and cons of these American-made generators.

Made in the USA, ensuring quality and supporting local businessesMay be more expensive than some other brands
Highly durable and reliable, ideal for long-term useMixed customer service reviews
Wide range of models with varying power outputs to suit different needs
Environmentally friendly designs, meeting EPA standards

Keep these pros and cons in mind when considering a NorthStar Portable Generator for your power needs.

Briggs & Stratton: Trusted Brand For Generators

Briggs & Stratton is a reliable generator manufacturer, offering generators for both consumer and industrial needs with their reputation stemming from over 110 years in the power equipment industry.

Features & Description (Briggs & Stratton Generators)

I have personally used Briggs & Stratton generators and can attest to their reliability, durability, and ease of use. The company’s generators are made exclusively in the United States, which is rare for a generator manufacturer.

Their portable models come with power ratings between 2,000 and 10,000 watts and feature easy maneuverability and fuel efficiency.

One of their standout features is the low oil shutdown function that automatically turns off the engine if oil levels run too low to prevent any potential damage to it.

Additionally, Briggs & Stratton standby generators provide backup power during outages without requiring manual intervention.

The brand also offers customer support services to answer questions about setting up your new generator or troubleshooting any issues you may encounter down the road.

Pros & Cons (Briggs & Stratton Generators)

When it comes to Briggs & Stratton generators, there are several advantages and disadvantages to consider as a potential customer. Here is a summary of the key pros and cons associated with their generators:

Durability and reliability: With over 9 million generator engines built and assembled in the USA, Briggs & Stratton has a reputation for crafting high-quality products.Noise levels: Some customers have reported that Briggs & Stratton generators can be louder than desired, which could be an issue in residential areas.
Easy to use and maintain: The generators are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making the operation and maintenance straightforward for most customers.Customer service: There have been instances when customers found the customer service provided by Briggs & Stratton to be lacking in quality and responsiveness.
Trusted brand: As one of the reputable American manufacturers producing generators exclusively within the United States, Briggs & Stratton is a brand that many users trust.

Remember to weigh the pros and cons and take your personal needs into consideration before making a decision on a Briggs & Stratton generator.

Cummins: High-Quality Diesel And Gas Generators

Cummins is a well-known American generator manufacturer that produces high-quality diesel and gas generators for industrial and commercial applications, providing fully-integrated generator systems for distributed power generation, standby power, and various auxiliary power applications.

Features & Description (Cummins Generators)

Cummins is a top-rated American manufacturer known for its high-quality diesel and gas generators. Their products are designed and manufactured entirely in the USA, ensuring compliance with U.S. standards and regulations.

One of the most popular Cummins home standby generator models is the RS13A – an ideal backup solution for an entire home during power outages.

All Cummins generators have comprehensive warranties that come with their products – proof of their commitment to quality assurance.

Pros & Cons (Cummins Generators)

As a potential customer, I know you’ll appreciate the thorough information I’m providing on the pros and cons of Cummins generators. In this section, we’ll discuss their advantages and drawbacks that can help you make an informed decision.

High-quality and reliable engines, as Cummins is a global power leader.Some models may be more expensive than other generator brands.
wide range of generator types, including Commercial Mobile and Emergency Standby Generators.Not all Cummins generators may be suitable for residential use.
Quiet operation with some of the lowest decibel levels in the market.Certain models may require professional installation and servicing.
Integrated equipment design with in-house built engine, generators, controls, and containers.Availability of replacement parts might be limited in some areas.
Advanced self-diagnostics and components designed for fast servicing, such as in the Cummins Onan 150KW Gas Portable Generator.Some customers might prefer a gas generator, but many Cummins models are diesel-powered.
Vibration mounts and separate valve cover featured in the Cummins Onan 60kW Diesel Generator, ensuring smooth operation.Initial investment might be higher due to premium build quality and materials.

While there are some cons to consider, Cummins generators are known for their reliability, performance, and durability. With this information, you can weigh your options and choose the best generator for your specific needs.

Winco: Durable And Efficient Generators

Winco is an American manufacturer that has been around for over 90 years, producing durable and efficient generators that are ideal for both consumer and commercial use.

Features & Description (Winco Generators)

As a generator manufacturer that has been around since 1927, Winco produces high-quality generators that are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Winco offers a wide variety of generators, including diesel, gasoline, PTO, and multi-fuel models.

All of Winco’s products are made with reliable components and features such as G-FORCE engines or OHVI engines which provides stable output power despite sudden load changes or temperature fluctuations.

Its portable business trucks usage cases like outdoor events benefit from its compact design without sacrificing power output quality. Furthermore, all of their manufacturing operations for these versatile generators take place within the United States at their production facility located in Le Center, Minnesota spanning across extensive space over 200000 square feet.

Pros & Cons (Winco Generators)

Winco generators have some great advantages, as well as a few drawbacks that you should consider before making a purchase. Here’s a summary of their pros and cons:

Exclusively made in the USA, supporting local businesses and economy.May not be as widely available compared to other popular brands.
Established in 1927, Winco has a long-standing reputation for reliability and durability.Pricing can be on the higher side for some models.
Wide range of generator types: diesel, gasoline, PTO, and multi-fuel, including tri-fuel models.Some models may have limited distribution, making replacement parts harder to find.
Diesel generators are their most popular, known for their extreme reliability and durability.Noisier than some competing brands at similar power levels.
Most Winco generators produce enough power for a wide range of consumer use-cases, such as powering entire portable business trucks or outdoor event appliances.Not as many product options as some other brands.

Gillette: Robust And Reliable Generators

Gillette generators are built to withstand heavy use and perform with reliability in the toughest conditions. Their robust construction and high-quality engines make them ideal for demanding applications such as construction sites, oil rigs, and emergency backup power.

Features & Description (Gillette Generators)

Gillette is an American generator manufacturer that specializes in producing industrial generators with a wide range of power outputs suitable for various applications.

One of Gillette’s most popular gasoline generators is the GPE-75EH 6500W, which features a reliable 13 HP Honda Engine.

Gillette generators are designed and manufactured in the United States using high-quality components and advanced features that ensure durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency.

These robust generators come with automatic voltage regulation systems that prevent damage to your appliances during power fluctuations.

What sets Gillette apart from other brands is its commitment to providing excellent customer support to ensure maximum satisfaction among customers. The company offers replacement parts and repair services if any issues arise with their products.

Moreover, Gillette provides a range of accessories such as transfer switches, cords and plugs that enhance the performance of their generators even further.

Pros & Cons (Gillette Generators)

When considering Gillette generators, it’s essential to look at both the advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision. Here’s a quick table showcasing the pros and cons of Gillette generators.

Exclusively made in the USA, ensuring quality and compliance with US standardsHigher price point compared to some other brands
Known for their reliability and durabilityNot as widely available as other brands, requiring more effort to purchase
Wide range of power outputs and fuel options, including diesel and gasoline generators
Popular models such as the GPE-75EH 6500W, 13 HP Portable Gasoline Generator with a Honda Engine
Well-suited for industrial generator needs

While there may be some downsides, the numerous benefits of Gillette generators make them a solid choice for those seeking reliable American-made generators.

Generator Safety Tips

Generator safety is of utmost importance, and as a customer, you should keep these tips in mind to avoid any potential hazards:

  1. Generators should be placed outdoors in a well – ventilated area, away from doors and windows where exhaust fumes can enter the house.
  2. Do not use generators in wet or damp areas to avoid electric shocks.
  3. Always plug appliances directly into the generator or a transfer switch to prevent backfeeding, which may cause electrocution or fire hazards.
  4. Make sure your generator is properly grounded and installed by a professional electrician for your safety.
  5. Never refuel the generator while it’s running, as it could ignite the fuel and start a fire.
  6. Turn off all appliances before shutting down the generator to avoid damage caused by sudden power surges when it runs out of fuel.
  7. Use only recommended extension cords suitable for outdoor use when connecting appliances to the generator.
  8. Keep children and pets away from generators at all times, as they might unintentionally touch hot surfaces that can burn them severely.
  9. Ensure you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed in your home before using generators to alert you if there’s any buildup of dangerous gases.

Remember, following these safety tips will ensure that your experience with generators is enjoyable without any unexpected mishaps or accidents.

How To Choose The Right Generator For Your Needs

To ensure you find the best generator for your specific needs, consider factors such as power requirements, portability, fuel type and noise level – keep reading to learn more!

Power Requirements

It’s crucial to choose a generator that can meet your power needs. The first step is to determine how much wattage you’ll require, which depends on the appliances or equipment you need to power.

For example, if you want to run a refrigerator (600-800 watts), lights (60 watts per bulb), and a computer (100-200 watts) during an outage, you’ll need at least 1600 running watts and 2000 starting watts.

Keep in mind that some appliances may require more power to start up and settle into their operating mode than they do while running continuously.


Portability is an essential consideration when choosing a generator. Whether you need power for outdoor events, camping trips, tailgating parties, or emergency situations, a portable generator can be your best friend.

Portable generators typically come in small and lightweight designs that are easy to move around. They can also provide clean and reliable power output with options for both gasoline and propane fuel sources.

For instance, the Honda EU2200i Companion Portable Generator is an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts who need to keep their devices charged while enjoying nature without interruptions.

Similarly, the Briggs & Stratton 3,500 Portable Generator is ideal for people looking for an affordable yet practical solution that they can easily transport from one location to another.

Fuel Type

Choosing the right fuel type for your generator is crucial to its efficiency, maintenance requirements, and environmental impact. Gasoline and propane are common fuel options for portable generators, while diesel and natural gas are popular choices for larger industrial models.

Gasoline may be more convenient to find, but it has a shorter shelf life than propane or diesel fuel and can degrade over time. Diesel-powered generators tend to have lower operating costs and require less maintenance than gasoline models due to their better fuel economy and longer lifespan of up to 20 years with proper care.

Natural gas is also an efficient option that produces fewer emissions than other fuels.

Noise Level

As you consider the best generator for your needs, it’s important to think about how much noise you can tolerate. Generators produce varying levels of sound, and if you plan on using your generator in a residential area or near others, you’ll want to consider a quieter option.

Many manufacturers list decibel ratings for their generators; the lower the number, the quieter the machine will be. For example, some popular portable generators like Honda EU2200i Companion and Predator 9500-watt Inverter models have decibel ratings below 70 dB(A).

On the other hand, industrial-grade Cummins diesel generators may have higher decibel readings but are considered ideal for steady electricity with minimal maintenance requirements.


In conclusion, American-made generators offer a range of benefits that make them a top choice for consumers who value quality, reliability, and supporting local businesses.

The six brands highlighted in this article – Generac, NorthStar, Briggs & Stratton, Cummins, Winco and Gillette – are known for producing top-quality products that meet U.S. standards while providing efficient power generation solutions for various needs like camping trips or emergency preparedness.


1. What are the benefits of purchasing a generator made in USA?

Purchasing a generator that is made in the USA comes with several benefits such as high quality materials, advanced technology, and reliable performance to ensure continuous power supply during emergencies. Additionally, it also supports American manufacturing jobs and promotes local economy.

2. How do I choose the best generator made in USA for my needs?

When choosing a generator made in the USA, consider your power requirements, fuel options available, and portability based on your intended use (home or job site). You can also look for features such as quiet operation, low emissions and extended lifespan to get maximum value from your investment.

3. Are generators made in the USA more expensive than other brands?

The price of generators varies by brand regardless of where they are manufactured. While some US-made generators may be higher priced compared to imported models at first glance; you should weigh long-term cost investment rather than opting cheaper alternatives because U.S.-made generators typically last longer due to their superior build quality.

4. Are US-made generators more reliable than others?

US-made generators are built with precision engineering using top-quality American components which generally makes them more reliable than their foreign counterparts. Most companies dealing within this industry guarantee reliability backed up by after-sales support making sure you get quick assistance whenever needed so you never have to worry about being left without power when you need it most!

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